Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We'd be off to...


Yes, again.

This time, I'd like to explore Cape Naturaliste, and bring Kai on a short trek to/around the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. This thought got me going to the gym today again, doing the routine I did before I went up Mount Ophir. It shouldn't be that tough this time physically. It's just that preparing a toddler for the trek, carrying him around, and making sure he (and we!) stays safe and hydrated would be a sure test of our parental prowress and mental strength.

It's season for whale watching too, so I hope to catch some action.

(Maybe the Tays can join us?)

Terence is dreaming about the scenic cottages we can check ourselves into, that should ideally contain a nice fireplace, a beach right in front of our porch, a big jacuzzi bathtub, and a fully equipped kitchen (i.e. it must come with a dishwasher).

I'm not sure he's aware of my plans at the moment. I'm also dreaming about his lamb chops, and a decadent meal at Voyager Estate.

Anyway, I look forward to the day where the Chows would be able to join us for a holiday too. (Dear Sharon, I'm sure we'd find some activity that won't shag the hell outta the whole family. We'd get a SUV, not motorbikes this time.)

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Ujin & Sharon said...

K, you know us lah, must always take the least trodden path (aka LP waterfalls trek), I think our future holidays will be equally as shag as before but double the fun with the kids! - sharon


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