Friday, September 14, 2007

I wanna go a wandering

The travel bug is biting. It's been a long time since Terence and I took our annual two-week holiday to some country that's sure to give me "Delhi belly", or where we've to crap in the bushes, or quarrel with each other over directions because everything is in another language (I almost kissed the floor of the Heathrow airport after two weeks in France the last time).

I think most of all, I miss trekking. But can you imagine trekking with a 15-month-old toddler? We don't even bring out his stroller anymore because he can't sit still in it for more than five minutes, let alone sleep in it. So he needs to be carried when he gets tired of walking, and who does he prefer most of the time. Yes, mommy; and he's a 10kg toddler.

So should I get one of those baby carriers where baby and parents look absolutely happy to be using (and not to mention, look absolutely sporty in). But I can imagine this happening:

1. Terence will finally give in to my plea of buying the baby carrier
2. We'll fight over how it should work
3. Kai will struggle when we attempt to put him in
4. Terence will have to lug the baby carrier to the foreign land
5. We successfully put Kai in the carrier
6. Five minutes into our trek, Kai struggles and cries to be let out
7. We take him out
8. We stuff him back in after he tries to put some leaves in his mouth, or attempts to wander into the bushes
9. He cries
10. He gives in, sits quietly but struggles after another five minutes
11. We go back to the car
12. The baby carrier becomes a white elephant, and will never see day light again

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