Monday, September 24, 2007

An unexpected find: Avenue Restaurant and Bar

Terence was invited to a drug trip to Hong Kong, and he asked if I wanted to tag along. An overseas date with my husband. A long weekend just to sleep-in, eat, shop and sleep late was just too tempting a proposal.

Of course I said yes.

All the meals for the doctors (and their spouse) on the trip were catered for. I had ZERO expectations, and so was pleasantly surprised by our first meal after touch down.

This little find is situated right at our hotel, the Holiday Inn Golden Mile. Called the Avenue Restaurant and Bar, it has been named one of HK's Best Restaurants by HK Tatler for four consecutive years. It was a sit-down lunch with a really classy long table setting, and the selection for your mains is placed at each plate. The appetisers and desserts are buffet style.

First impression: It definitely stinks of a typical hotel Western buffet. Mass produced, lousy quality.

But we were suitably impressed by the appetisers. Even if it was in a buffet style, the quality was definitely a cut above the usual buffet fare. We both had the beef for our mains. It was so tender that at one time, Terence was just slicing it with his fork.

Service? Perfect. The staff took note of who ordered what. No one asked: "Who's having the fish? Who's having the beef?" And we were a table of 20.

I'm always get ahead of myself when it comes to food. By the time I remember I need to take a photo for the blog, the food's already in my stomach. So no, oops, no photos of our beef. :p

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