Monday, September 24, 2007

Getting lost in HK

Lanterns outside Island Beverly

One thing I love to do in HK is just getting lost. I do that when Terence goes for his conference, which means I'm left to my own devices.

All you need is an idea of where your final destination is, and head in the general direction. You'd be surprised at what you find along the way. I started off at Island Beverly (opposite Sogo at Causeway Bay) and my fancy took me towards Lee Gardens Two. (Island Beverly is similar to what you find in Singapore's Far East Plaza/Lucky Plaza--lots of tiny little shops filled with racks that are crowded with locally-designed and made clothes/accessories.)

Original intent was just to check out the kids section at Lee Gardens Two (Causeway Bay). I found:

Sistyr Moon (their web site's not up at press time). Perfect place for followers of off-beat cult brands. It is reported to carry a range of imported foreign labels the likes of Karen Walker, Jill Stuart, Robert Cary-Williams, Roberto Cavalli and paper cloth denim. I fell in love with a pair of "jelly shoes" from Melissa.

Hip, rock wear for kids at Hysteric Mini. Think Ed Hardy and Bejewelled. But a t-shirt easily costs S$100+. Why would a growing toddler need such an expensive t? It's just cool.

What's in? Maybe it's leopord print for jackets. (This could be a windown display of a Vivienne Westwood boutique. I can't remember...)

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