Thursday, August 02, 2007

Finally, curtains we love

Another reason why I love my husband: He lets me make new curtains for our new place although it's rented.

Most people won't bother. They'd just live with whatever curtains, if any, the landlord gives them. But I really disliked the ones left behind by previous tenants in what is now Kai's room and study, and the blue suede ones in the master bedroom. We even had day curtains made for the living room (Indian cotten with embrioderied flowers!).

I would spend more money on nicer fabrics if we actually own the place. But instead we chose, in Emily's words, fabrics that were "C&G"--i.e. cheap and good. (Emily from Window World.) The only exception were curtains in Kai's room. They cost more than S$30/metre, but I really wanted something cheery for his room and I insisted on blackouts too.

All in all, we spent about S$1,500. Our landlord would be pleased, and they're very lucky to have us as their tenants!!!

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