Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cooking's ain't a chore

Here's Terence cooking up a storm. With the help of the new maid, Nurwanti, everything is so much easier now. He's instructed her to chop the chicken, peel the pototoes, and most importantly, wash up!

This marked our first homecooked meal at the new place. Curry chicken it was. He was so pleased with just how much he accomplished today, and the yummy dinner he cooked. He then proceeded to inspect the new, white day curtains, and touched it with his curry-stained hands.

I was on the phone with Florence, and it took mountains of self-restrain not to scream bloody murder at the new look the curtains just acquired.

It was saved by moi, and the solvent that came with the Dryel dry cleaning pack.

I just finished dinner, and I spied curry stain on the white upholstery covering the dinner chair.

# # #

I asked Wanti yesterday if she missed her three-year-old son. She said, "No." I find it hard to believe. Any mother would miss her child. I miss Kai everyday, and I see him everyday. Then I think about how she won't get to see her son for another two years (?), and I feel really sad.

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