Sunday, July 22, 2007

Guilin View no more

Friends and family who have been to our old place in Guilin View would remember the fantastic view of the quarry. But we have to make the move to the East so that we could be nearer to my MIL, who looks after Kai while we work.

We said a sad goodbye to the place we've called home for about seven years on 19 Jul to start a new chapter in Casafina. Here's the view from the living; it's a pale comparison to what we enjoyed previously. *sigh* But it's for the better.

We sold the place at a price that's higher than what we'd ever hoped for. And we sold it to a couple who loved our home. So I guess everyone should be happy (including the agent as we'd set her a very high target, which means she'd pocketed quite a nice commission).

I miss Guilin View very much, and so the editor's decision is to keep the name of the blog although we're not living there now.

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