Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nature right in the backyard

27 Mar 2007, Day 3: I've forgotten how wonderful it is to live in Australia, and being in Margaret River brought it all back. I really miss the fresh air, the vast space, the neverending blue skies, and nature that's just a heartbeat away.

Anyhow, the initial euphoria of lapping in the luxury and peace of the very lovely Assured Margarets Forest apartment on Day 2 soon gave way to stress. It was terribly cold at night, and we were worried about Kai. They didn't have a heater which we could put in the room, so we layered him with lots of clothes before we put him to bed.

In the morning, while Terence went in search of breakfast, I brought Kai out for a walk. I don't think he quite enjoys the cold, crisp morning air!

The apartment faces a forest, and boy what a forest. It's teaming with birds, and it's nice trying to spot them. There's always this kookaburra that rests on the trees just outside our apartment every evening. And best of all was the smell of eucalyptus in the air! Imagine waking up to eucalyptus everyday. Heaven.

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