Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Kai fell sick

26 Mar 2007, Day 2: We made our way down south today. Final destination--Margaret River. The weather was strangely cold although it was suppose to be autumn. Temperature was suppose to be in the high-20s in the day and high-10s at night. We were totally unprepared for the cold wind, and a temperature of low-20s/high-10s in the day and sometimes below-10s at night!

Worse of all, Kai fell sick. He was already coughing a little the day before we left for Perth. But it got worse along the way.

On the way to Margaret River, we stopped at the Dolphin Discovery Centre at Bunbury. Well, we very nearly didn't as it was drizzling but Terence insisted we all go stretch our legs after the long drive. (Kai still refused to eat/drink much.) So I grabbed him, and ran from the car to the centre--yes, through the drizzle.

We didn't see any dolphins but Kai was terribly fascinated by the birds he saw at the centre, especially the Willie Wagtails that hopped in to the centre in search for bread crumbs and melted ice cream. That's him staring at the birds...

And then, silly mommy and daddy decided to walk the long jetty WITH the baby at the next stop--Busselton Jetty--to see the Underwater Observatory, which was at the end of the jetty. It's a 45-minute walk there-and-back. But we abandoned the trip half-way. It was way too windy and cold, the jetty was narrow at certain spots, and the floor was uneven. One mistake, and mommy and baby would be blown into the cold, cruel waters.

This was Kai after we peeled off the layers of clothes, got into the warmth of the car, and drove off to Margaret River. There were lots of tears and mucus shed before he fell asleep.

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Cory said...

poor boy... hope he got better along the way!


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