Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Our best X'mas present yet

To celebrate Christmas with Terence's family, we went to Kuriya at Raffles City (Basement 1). Kuriya's fare is always good value for money, and this particular outlet didn't disappoint. The setting is a little more posh than the one at Shaw Tower and the service, excellent.

Here's another family portrait and one would think we had switched roles. Kai looked sane and mature, while Terence and I looked like we didn't have screws in the right place. Anyhow...

Kai's the best Christmas present ever.

Food wise:
One dish to try, and which wowed Terence, at Kuriya was the claypot stewed pork belly that was part of a fancy-named Kuriya set. Very flavourful and the fats actually tasted like lean meat. It was too yummy to resist.

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