Saturday, December 02, 2006


Last Sunday, we decided to bring Kai to the Botanical Garden for breakfast and a walk in the morning. And since he was behaving so well, we decided to go to Ikea when the sun came out and it got too hot to stroll anymore.

We placed Kai in the child seat of the shopping cart, which drew lots of giggles and "ooh, so cute" comments from other shoppers. But the child seat isn't built for babies, so we were holding him most of the time to make sure he doesn't topple.
Anyhow, he started whimpering after a while so I had to sling him around the shop.

And just for fun (I was getting tired too), we placed him on a few Ikea beds. He was actually comfortable in all of them. So the beds all passed with flying colours.
Then he got really sleepy and fell asleep in the sling despite all the hullabaloo around him. Aww...

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