Monday, December 11, 2006

I had a dream

I dreamt that I participated in a marathon last night.

It must be because:
1. We are doing a write up on a client's participation in the recent Standard Chartered marathon.
2. An acquaintance has named herself "Retiring from marathons" on the MSN Messenger list.
3. The Standard Chartered marathon ads were everywhere.
4. My yoga teacher talked about the guy who collapsed from running the marathon.

Lessons to be learnt from points (2) and (4): I should not participate in any marathons.

When I told Terence about my dream, he said:
Why don't you just do the half-marathon. It's only 21km what.

Only... Only? ONLY!

Ok, at this moment of weakness, I'm considering the 10km option. Which means I'll need an iPod to keep me company. Hmm...

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