Friday, December 22, 2006


Can't sleep. Must be that cup of teh halia I had with Joy and Jack just now...

Since I'm having problems going to dreamland, I thought I'll just blog about the fugu Terence bought for me about a week ago. Yes, fugu. The infamous puffer fish. Cut it wrongly and you'll DIE from eating it.

I've always wanted to try it but never had the opportunity. It's in season now and they're selling it in that supermarket in Paragon. (The name escapes me now; just too tired.)

Maybe it's motherhood or perhaps I'm really just a wuss. But I thought: "What if it's not cut properly? What if I die? What's going to happen to Kai? Who's going to take care of him? Maybe I shouldn't risk it? But Terence's bought it. How, how how?"


Conclusion: Fugu has a very nice textual. Chewy. Most lovely with the ponzi sauce. It doesn't taste fatty. But skip the innards.

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Cory said...

yes, only available during the winter season. we were at meidiya the other day and were oohing and ahhing at it. perhaps we'll try it on xmas, when we go to collect our sushi pack :)


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