Thursday, October 26, 2006

Weekend at Sentosa

I'm still super-duper busy with tons of copy editing to do. But I must upload these pictures we took of Kai over the weekend cos he was full of smiles... and we managed to capture them!

We decided to bring Kai to the Underwaterworld at Sentosa for a treat. Didn't think he saw much of the exhibits as he was hungry half the time and then he got sleepy after his feed. We forgot to bring the camera with us during the outing so there were NO pix. Stayed at The Sentosa ( and took tons of pictures there.

We didn't bring Kai's own bathtub so we had to bath him in the hotel's tub, which means one of us have to get in with him. So that explains the second pix here.


chien way said...

awww. he looks so happy here!

Cory said...

kai's sooooo smiley :)


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