Monday, October 09, 2006

Funny coincident

I've been down with a cold -- running nose, cough, sore throat. Basically, the works. No mask at home; been washing hands almost everytime after I blow my nose and before handling baby. But I'm afraid he'll come down with it too. Funny thing is, the first BabyCentre e-mail alert of the week came with tips on handling babies with cold (

Is it a sign?


Cory said...

you look like you lost all the pregnancy weight!! :)
anyway, colds are a big part of baby's life. and sometimes despite our best defences, they still get it. noah still gets colds from his brothers even tho i'm nursing him. and since it's a cold, nothing i can do but to wait for the virus to play out its lifecycle. he'll be very fussy for sure tho, so you won't be able to sleep much!

Khay Mun said...

You could tell from the pix? Heh heh heh! Lost half of the weight I gained during pregnancy but there's still a "spare tyre".

I sigh everytime I read about how breastfed babies have stronger immune systems than formula ones. OK, shouldn't obsess over the breastfeeding/formula issue anymore!


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