Sunday, January 26, 2014

When my boys bicker

Taking turns on the iPhone (Fujipet, Lomography 400 ISO film)
The boys are older now and Kit is definitely independent enough, so why is it that I can't wait to tuck my boys to bed at 9pm sharp every night?

It's not the running around after them or with them that's the problem. It's the bickering/fighting/arguing and tantrum throwing. Most of the time, they love playing with each other. In fact, they really want to play with each other. But when they get unhappy with each other, I end up having to plead, negotiate, punish, explain, argue etc. etc. with the boys. So mentally exhausting!

(I learned something though. I learned that Kit is a very forgiving boy and that he simply adores his older brother. He gets really, really, really upset if Kai is angry with him, even if the older brother was behaving like a spoilt brat!)

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