Monday, October 28, 2013

MWAC: Revisiting Havelock and Zion road

Dragon guardian of Giok Hong Tian temple
Burning of hell notes is not allowed here (Giok Hong Tian temple)
Peek-a-boo dragon (Giok Hong Tian temple)
Near our "$2 shop" (Covent Garden)
Goodbye (Covent Garden)
To all my ex-colleagues from Miller Freeman/CMP: We grumbled about moving to Havelock road but when our CMP-days came to an end, it was a sad farewell for all of us. Who could forget Covent Garden and the "$2 shop" that fed the group of hungry editorial staff? We all moved on to new jobs, new challenges but the flats in Covent Garden continued to exist for a while until they had no choice but to move with the times.

(Photos of Giok Hong Tian temple taken with Seagull 4B-1 TLR using Fujichrome 120 ISO64 T64 film; Covent Garden flat taken with the LC-A+ using Kodak Portra 160 film.)

Read more about the disappearing Zion Road Estate here.

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