Saturday, December 15, 2012

Baby no more

About six years ago, a close girlfriend visited me while I was on maternity leave and presented me with a beautiful box from Tiffany & Co.. It is for keeping Kai's first baby tooth, I remembered her telling me.

Although she now says, on hindsight, that it is such an impractical gift. (She wasn't a mummy then, and she says she didn't know any better.)

I was very touched by her gift. True, I couldn't use it then. But after receiving tons of diapers, baby toys, baby clothes, talcum powder, milk bottles etc., I was so grateful for her gift that was for me, the mummy.

The little box held a pair of diamond studs over the years. On December 12, 2012, those earrings were evicted. They made way for what the box was made for: Kai's first baby tooth.

Thank you EW, for making memories with me.

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