Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baby, I will remember at 3yo...

You love balloons.

Your teacher says you can't trace very well but I couldn't care less.

You always have a twinkle in your eyes and a cheeky smile for everyone you love. (And you always save the best twinkle for me.)

You have big round tears that roll down your chubby cheeks, making it hard for anyone to be really angry with you.

You love doing everything that your kor kor does.

You save the best hugs for me.

You are the alarm clock for the whole household, walking into our bedroom at 730am every morning to wake us up before settling down for your milk in bed with us.

You hate sitting on the potty.

You've learned to make potty jokes, thanks to kor kor.

You have to have your blanket arranged neatly across your chest every single night before you sleep.

You'd run to me and knock me off my feet when I pick you up from school.

That I am your most favorite person in the whole wide world.

I love you babe. Happy three-year-old birthday Kit.

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