Thursday, July 14, 2011

My new fall bag

Just to take my mind off the sick toddler, daily cleaning and disinfecting issues, and how tiring it is to entertain a toddler in the confinements of home, I thought I'll just write about my new fall bag.

One topic that's bound to perk up any tired SAHM at the end of the day is fashion and I recently messaged a girlfriend near midnight about my latest acquisition in preparation for A/W 2011: Rebecca Minkoff's latest Cupid Satchel in navy. Suffice to say we had a wonderful end to our long day discussing whether the teal version looks better than the navy (navy's a more practical color, she said), checking out the RM web site, and discussing the clasp on the RM Mac Bombe Clutch.

After much anticipation, Cupid finally arrived. I love the gold hardware against the blue and the bag is SPACIOUS to say the least, which is great for a long day of running errands and shopping. There are plenty of pockets to organize whatever we ladies like to throw inside our bag. But I discovered that if all you have is a wallet, mobile phone, and keys, the bag doesn't hold its shape at all. This is a little disappointing considering that one of the reasons why I bought the bag was for its shape.

But, but, but... I must say it holds lots of potential for days where I am out with Kai and I need a bag to hold all his junk and mine. I mean, this was why I specifically wanted a spacious satchel as my companion for Fall 2011.

(RM has FREE international shipping for purchases above US$300. ;) )

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