Thursday, June 16, 2011

Melaka memories

Here are some of my favorite memories from our road trip to Melaka in April 2011. We stayed at Holiday Inn Melaka, which came highly recommended by friends. Not only were the rooms clean and well appointed, I was bowled over by their service.

Where's Kit Kit? He loved hiding behind the curtains in our hotel room.

Remember the scene from "Three men and a baby" where a ghost of a boy was reportedly seen standing behind the curtains? Here is Kit's take on the scene.

# # #

Vendors almost everywhere in Melaka, in shopping malls and at pasar malams (night markets), were selling Angry Birds plush toys. Kai begged us to buy some Angry Birds for him and every night (or every time we returned to our room) during our holiday, we built the pigs' fortress on the bed using pillows.

Checking out the enemy's hideout from behind a 'barricade'.

Then jumping up and launching the Angry Birds at the pillows/pigs. Terence made the game realistic with his sound effects.

And we played Angry Birds, taking down the thieving pigs by launching our birds at 'em!

# # #

Climbing St Paul's hill with Kai because I was there too when I was a child.

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