Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Starting playschool

I had mixed feelings about Kit's first day in school. That's right. Kit is now 18mo, making him eligible for childcare. I wonder if it's too early to send him to half-day playschool since I am around to look after him though I spend half a day working from home most days. But he is such an active and inquisitive boy that I'm pretty sure he'd enjoy school. I am not afraid of him catching bugs from other children in school and falling sick; he gets enough of that from his elder brother. But maybe he's just too young to be in school?

Call me a snob; I don't care. But when I heard my helper speak to him in her broken English again, I knew I wanted to minimize any exposure to bad habits. So bad English was the straw that broke the camel's back, and convinced me he will have a more productive and educational time in playschool.

One week has passed since Kit started playschool, and he still cries when he reaches the school gate. But he stops whimpering the minute I hand him to his teacher/s, who both speak excellent English. Looking at the photographs and videos that his teachers have taken of him in school, Kit seems to be enjoying himself. He earned himself the nickname of "The Worm" today for being a boy who squirms in his seat after few minutes and who attempts to squirm out of your arms when he wants out.

Ah yes. It's nice to be relieved of my back-breaking duties and let the teachers take over my lovable 18mo for a little while.

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