Wednesday, February 09, 2011

No hat, no play

There isn't a lot of emphasis in Singapore about skin damage caused by the sun. Before I had Kai, I couldn't care less about putting on sunblock daily or donning a hat at the beach or in the boat (while wakeboarding). But a few years back, while having lunch in a hawker center, I sat next to an old man with skin cancer ON HIS FACE.

That scared the s***t out of me.

I now have a rule for the boys: No hat, no play. And the one place where they absolutely have to wear the hat is at the beach.

Well, you know how young toddlers and babies HATE wearing hats. Or at least, both my boys hated wearing hats when they were babies. But I kept pulling it down on their head, which works out in the end. Now Kai wears his hat dutifully at the beach or wherever else I ask him to. Kit? He is still a hat-wearer-in-training. But whether he likes it or not, he'd get there!

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