Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Plan B

Kai was very excited about walking above the trees at the TreeTop walk (accessible from MacRitchie Resevoir) on Sunday. But right after we dusted off the MacPac Possum, I found that Kit was running a low grade fever, possibly having caught a cold from gor gor.

He was quite disappointed, and at the same time adament about visiting a 'treehouse'. Luckily Terence remembered he had fun at The Tanglin Tree, which features a wonderful playground right next to the cafe. It has a house on stilts, which satisfied Kai's desire of playing in a treehouse.

The food there was superb, and Kai was so absorbed in his play that we managed to sneak in a leisurely breakfast. The Mac and Cheese (S$26) isn't just any normal Mac and Cheese; it has a whole lobster in it, which makes it real good value for money.

The portions there are huge. My Egg Benedict (S$14) came on a bagel and a generous serving of spinach. Yum! The Tanglin Tree was definitely a perfect Plan B for us. But if you plan to go there on a weekend, you should go there early or make a reservation well ahead of time because it gets filled up mainly by expats really quickly.

56 Tanglin Road
#01-01 Tanglin Post Office

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