Friday, August 13, 2010

My inner rock chick

Terence thinks I should take a photo of my hair after every visit to my hair stylist. What's the big deal, right? The thing is, I go for a trim every one to two months. This means my stylist, Pauline, is kept on her toes all the time.

What a demanding customer I am... :p

But really, I believe every fashion-savvy girl should change her hairstyle as frequent as she shops, i.e. which is like every day (!). And Pauline does a superbly great job giving me a new look each time.

There is a little of a rock chick in me, though seriously, I don't 'feel' or dress like that most of the time. Today, I would give anything to have a metal studded, kick-ass black jacket to complete the look. But here's just me with two recent fashion do-dads: Ray-Ban Aviators and mechanical Soviet watch from Poljot. Love!

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