Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Homemade vanilla ice cream

We saw a recipe for vanilla ice cream in a local magazine, and it looked fantastically simple. And it was! No need for any fancy ice cream making machine, and you can easily find the things you need in the kitchen. Best of all, Kai had fun helping.

200ml of whipping cream (tasting note: we would recommend heavy/double cream to make it creamier)
200ml of fresh milk
50g of castor sugar (tasting note: you can reduce this to about 30g to make it less sweet)
1 vanilla pod
100g of salt
1kg of ice

Also prepare:
1 quart-size zip lock bag
1 gallon-size zip lock bag

1. Cut open the vanilla pod, and remove the vanilla seeds.
2. Mix seeds together with the cream, milk, and sugar. Pour mixture in a quart-size zip lock bag.
3. Put salt together with the ice in a gallon-size zip lock bag, and mix well.
4. Put ice cream mixture, which is in the quart-size bag, in the middle of the ice/salt pack.
5. Continuously knead the ice cream mixture through the ice/salt pack, until it turns firm.
6. Once the mixture is firm, scoop and place in the freezer.


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