Friday, July 30, 2010

Scoop of Art

I love restaurants that are bright, airy, and have lots of space for children. It's a bonus if the place has a children's corner, toys, and/or crayons to entertain the kids. Scoop of Art in the East, located in the Marine Parade library building, makes an outing to the library even more pleasant just because it has all that and more. It has large illustrations^ by doodle artist Wanton Doodle on the cupboard/wall and painted on the floor, which gives the place an even happier, more cheery, chirpy vibe.

Then of course, there is its gelato bar. Kai had the chocolate gelato when we visited, and it was chocolaty, creamy and so it passed my palate test. :-p

It has a kid-friendly menu and utensils. You can get a light meal for below S$10. They brought out the crayons and paper without us requesting for it.

I like the fact that there are also art materials for purchase. This includes art canvas, paint by number kits as well as easier projects for younger children like design your own mug/flower pot kit^, and a kit containing colorful styrofoam pieces that you can stick together to make interesting objects.

But keep them out of baby's reach!

278 Marine Parade Road
Singapore 449282

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