Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From solemn to cheeky

Many of my friends will remember this: Kai frowned a great deal with he was a baby. He always had furrowed brows and that intense, serious look whenever I bring him out to socialize with my girlfriends.

But he is one cheeky toddler now. Cracking jokes, singing songs, and passing silly comments at the TOP of his voice. And he loves to make funny faces; even his angry look is adorable. How funny things change when your kids start growing up.

One thing hasn't changed though, or so we thought. He can be quite fearful of things that he's not familiar with. Even going on a merry-go-round can scare him to bits. (Yes, just a merry-go-round.) Which is why we were surprised he was so quick to get into this toddler-sized paddle boat for a quick spin on his own.

I turned around to his daddy that day and said: "啊。。。 儿子长大了!"

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