Saturday, April 24, 2010

My 7mo

When I am out and about without Kit, I love to retrieve this picture from my phone and I'd SMILE. He makes me feel all coochi-coo all over.

He's our sunny boy. He wakes up in the morning smiling and laughing. He giggles when you play peek-a-boo with him. He swings his chubby arms and legs up and down when he's happy. And he'd stretch out his arms towards me when he sees me.

He can pass an object from one hand to the other. He can't swallow anything we feed him now, but he still opens his mouth for the spoon anyway. He loves to 'chase' after Smokie, our cat. With our help, he'll amble shakily after Smokie and plonk himself down next to her if she flops down and turn her belly for him to rub.

I must have done something right in my previous life.

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