Tuesday, February 16, 2010

McDonald's--we're lovin' it!

Letting a toddler eat ice cream on his own can be a really messy affair. I feel almost awful saying this but what better place for some ice-cream-cone-eating-training than McDonald's since I only have to wipe up a dirty toddler and clear the table after he is done? :-p

When I was training Kai to eat using a spoon at 9 months, I would bring him to McDonald's too every Sunday morning for a strawberry yogurt. He would look like a mess after he's done but he learned the skill rather quickly.

I'm sorry if I left a big mess on the floor (and oh, also the sticky chairs and tables), dear shareholders of McDonald's. But I always clear my trays. And you've made my kid a very happy kid, and we'll be back for more to help you keep your till ringing.

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