Monday, February 01, 2010

Journey to domestic goddesshood

The mantra of domestic goddesshood: You (and your kitchen) must look good.

I am not entirely comfortable in a kitchen, and I've been known to screw up even the most simple task.

So I thought: OK, if you can't do it. At least you (and your kitchen) should look good doing it. Off I trotted to Pantry Magic for some inspiration and wow, a whole new world stands before me. Every item inside look so pretty and apparently, they are all very useful too.

For instance, why use your thumb and index finger to pinch a 'smidgen' of salt/sugar if the recipe asks for it when you can use a 1/32 teaspoon--which, as it turns out, is the precise measurement for a smidgen--from a beautiful stack of measuring spoons^? Need a 'pinch' of something else? No worries. Grab the 1/16 teaspoon from the same stack.

It's a great place for buying gifts for other domestic goddesses and their little ones. And it's also such a veritable visual feast as it's filled with plenty of 'eye candy'.

But I didn't get anything for the kitchen at the end. The always-so-practical husband brought me down to planet earth by saying: Pretty things don't make you a better cook.

Smarty pants.

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