Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Flippity flop

Despite my initial concern that Kit hates lying in the prone position (belly to floor), he suddenly took to flipping from back-to-prone really fast. He's been trying to do so for the past few weeks, and he is now a pro at doing it.

Step 1: Lay flat on the back. Tell mummy that everything's ok with a smile.

Step 2: Next swing right leg over to the left.

Step 3: If your darn cat is watching and it makes you nervous...

Step 4: ...switch sides. Swing left leg over to the right side. (That'll show the cat to mind her own business!)

Step 5: Then with all your might, flip body to the floor/mat (and remind mummy that next time, set the shutter at high speed for action shots)

Step 6: Then lift yourself up a little such that you can swing your hands in front to prop yourself up. And ta-da, give yourself a congratulatory drool!

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