Thursday, January 21, 2010

And so, how goes the Durian Kaya?

Following the discovery of the yummylicious durian kaya from Sedap Corner, I decided I would attempt to make the sinful kaya spread myself. I found a recipe online, pestered Terence into getting all the ingredients last night, and ta-da.... made my first batch of durian kaya using the jam setting of my Breville bread machine.

The jam setting of my bread machine overcooked the eggs, which made my mixture looked more like custard than jam. But after I blended it, it tasted surprisingly ok. It isn't as smooth, wet, or pulpy like the one from Sedap Corner. I'm ok with it. It's edible. There's still the taste of the durian, and I think I'll go make myself some durian kaya toast right after this.

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