Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's a good diaper bag?

Touring Tote from The Insanely Chic: I couldn't resist it, despite the price tag

I was talking to a girlfriend a few days ago about diaper bags. Being a first-time mom, she didn't find tips like "depends on your needs" when choosing a diaper bag very helpful. Especially when she doesn't know what she needs!

Our trusty Dash from Skip Hop. Three years and counting.

I love bags with a passion (any woman in her sane mind would too!), and naturally diaper bags came under much scrutiny when I was looking for one when Kai was born. Terence often say I'm willing to compromise practicality (and value for money) for the sake of design and style. *Blush*

Personally, I like diaper bags:
1. With straps that allow you to switch between carrying it on the shoulder and attaching it to the stroller. The Touring Tote gives you three carrying options. It can be used as a small hobo, a long shoulder bag, and clipped on to the stroller.

2. That has many compartments inside that allow you to organize your stash.

3. Must have easy-to-access pockets on the outside for items like mobile phone, keys etc.

4. That has a long 'shelf-life', i.e. stylish yet practical enough for me to continue using long after my kids are out of their diapers.

5. That are made of canvas or easily washable/wipeable materials.

Based on this criteria, Skip Hop's Dash wins over the Touring Tote. However, I like the latter because well, it is very pretty. :-p But I think my diaper bag acquisition drive stops here. I'm pretty happy to own one that's more rugged and unisex--or at least something that Terence doesn't mind carrying--and another that's feminine. Perfect for tea with a bunch of yummy mummies.

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