Thursday, November 05, 2009

Firing up the wok

I have been cooking, cooking, cooking ever since I felt confident enough to bring Kit out alone to do grocery shopping after sending Kai to school in the morning. The sling, Baby Bjorn, and nursing shawl are my trusty helpers these days.

Alone? Grocery shopping? With baby?

Yup. After consulting with another friend who had to take care of two young kids in Australia all without domestic help (and expecting a third). I figured it could be done. It just take a lot of good planning and prayers that baby will not fuss... too much.

# # #

The last time I made fried rice was when I was studying in Australia. Making it again yesterday just reminded me how unhealthy the dish can be when you eat it outside. The sinfully good fried rice is coated with oil! Mine is a much healthier version, though some foodie might just cringe at the thought of not-so-oily fried rice?

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