Monday, October 12, 2009

Life as a mother of two

Kai's favorite characters in "Thomas and Friends" are the naughty trucks. But his grandparents have already spent a 'fortune' on his expansive engine collection.

I knew it'd be difficult, but I didn't realize it'd be this tough. It's not the stress of having to manage the schedule and demands of two kids--a three-year old and a new born--that gets to me. This is something that will fall into place eventually. It's just that I miss spending time with Kai.

There are times when I feel like giving up breastfeeding completely so I can have the option of passing the bottle to Terence or the helper just so I can have some more time with Kai. But I know I wouldn't feel good about that decision. *Sigh*

A friend reminded me that this period of adjustment is just temporary. All right then, I'd have to focus on that and the many other positive things that are happening in my life! :-)


Cory said...

Like letting Kai know and see breastfeeding. You'd be surprised what kind of impact it may have when it's his and his wife's turn to make these decisions when the time comes.

Also, you may want to try having Kai nearby or snuggle together in bed during breastfeeding. You will love the closeness :)

take heart. You're doing gd!

Khay Mun said...

Thanks for cheering me on. :-) I try to have Kai nearby when I BF. But sometimes he gets a little rowdy and startles his lil brother. Kit has also been swiped on the head a couple of times by Kai's flying feet while doing some acrobatics on the bed (next to me). LOL!


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