Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just how expensive is it to shop at Ion Orchard?

Expensive, if the parking charge is anything to go by. Terence was there for about an hour and when he looked at the display screen, it says: $26.77.

He took up the issue with the management immediately, who admitted it was a mistake. BUT as he was waiting, he noticed the system deducting $26.77 from some cars passing through.

Ouch. Those who were looking for a upmarket, chi-chi shopping experience that day (at least during that point in time) certainly got more than what they bargained for.
# # #

On the other hand, the Wagyu steak^ at Singapore's first upmarket gourmet supermarket in Ion, ThreeSixty Marketplace, was selling at S$10.20 per 100 gram. Now that is a very good deal considering Wagyu steaks can go for anything from S$12-$25 per 100 gram at other major supermarkets. You can argue that the marbling determines the price. Yes, definitely. But check out the marbling on these two steaks. It's fantastic!

Let's hope it's not due to a glitch in the pricing system.
# # #

There is plenty of eye candy to delight the senses in Ion Orchard and that is free. :-) Terence snapped a picture of a basket of jalapeno peppers with his mobile phone. The photo quality isn't great, but the different coloured peppers look very pretty nonetheless.

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