Thursday, April 16, 2009

Don't bring a DSLR camera on holiday if you are pregnant

Because you end up taking photographs only at the airport.

Most of the time, our camera was sitting in a locked safe in the hotel. I mean, seriously, I have a toddler that weighs 12kg and more. I'm pregnant. We've toys, sun screen, hats, towels, mats etc. to bring the beach and back. And what. A digital SLR camera too?

Terence says next time we will bring a compact camera when we travel with Kai.

But we had wonderful memories of our Langkawi beach holiday with Kai inked with us forever. It was the first time he dared to 'swim' in the ocean. He plucked sea snails--big and small--off the sand when the tide was receding, and placed them back gently again. He saw hermit crabs live, not in a cartoon, and a real scarecrow in the field, not in a book.

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Jorina said...

Kai looks like Terence but with your eyes. :)


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