Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And so I seek shelter at House

'Graffiti' in the toilet of Spa Esprit, House

I had it ALL planned. My dream Friday off would start off with a leisurely drive to Kai's school.

I'd then kiss Kai goodbye and together with my DSLR camera to take wonderful pictures of my day off, I would drive to Spa Esprit at House for a relaxing 90 minute pre-natal massage followed by a relaxing lunch at its cafe.

Then, I'd head off to Uniqlo at Tampines 1 to check out what the fuss is all about.


Relaxing with a cup of ginger tea at the waiting area

But it didn't materialise.

It all started with Kai having a fever on early Friday morning (12am). I won't go into the details but it involved me rushing out of the house late without my camera, sitting through TWO traffic jams on ECP such that I arrived half an hour late for my appointment.

Having said that, I really enjoyed my short time away in House. The spa was empty on a Friday morning, and the environment (and the fact that it was in Dempsey) made me feel like I was on a holiday.

My blue cheese and bacon mini-burgers

I rejected all the healthy lunch options at the cafe and went for their mini-burgers (with blue cheese and bacon). I really liked the salty sweet potato chips^ (in orange) and the fries were either sprinkled with truffle salt or oil. Yum!

The burgers, however, were a disappointment. It was dry and I should have known the outcome when the recommended doneness in the menu was "Medium Well". Anyway, I really shouldn't be eating unpasturised cheese now but... the blue cheese was calling to me!

I had to rush back to pick Kai up from my MIL, who so kindly looked after Kai for me. Nonetheless, yes I did enjoy Spa Esprit at House; it's worth a visit. (By the way, they open till 1am on Friday and Saturday. Who would go for a massage at 12am? Very busy working professionals or weekend revelers?)

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