Monday, January 12, 2009

Melt down

Point Walter, Perth: Great place to fire up a barbie, and even catch sight of dolphins if you're lucky (we did!)

I was in total despair (almost daily) during the recent trip to Australia. Kai had the worst bout of tantrums ever which upon thinking back, could be because he was home sick.

We decided to do a BBQ at the picturesque Point Walter--a place that is popular among Perth urbanites. On the way there, Kai dropped his bag of Coco Krunch in the car and he went ballistic. He screamed for nearly a solid 30 minutes, and I had many bemused locals staring at me.

Nothing, not even the thought of playing sand on the lazy shores of the river could calm him down. Later Sharon shared how her friend executed "naughty corners" (time-out corners) even in public places. It works, to a certain extent.

Urgh. Toddlers and their tantrums.

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