Sunday, January 04, 2009

Finally. My own digital SLR camera.

Playing with depth of field on my D40

Our two biggest 'windfall' during the latest Perth/Margaret River trip would be:

1. Picking up an AU$50 note in the bushes next to our car

2. Buying the Nikon D40 (which came highly recommended by budding pro-tographer U-Jin) at AU$498, which is about S$200 less than what is selling here

*Big sigh* I've been wanting, wanting, wanting a digital SLR for so long, and it felt great to grab this deal. Big thanks to:
- the Chows for spotting the Harvey Norman ad
- Terence for insisting that we go to a Harvey Norman store
- the Australian Tax Refund Scheme (TRS), which gave me a 10% rebate on my purchase, as this meant my camera really costs AU$448 (WAH! Lucky number some more.)

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