Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What a month

OMG. It's been a month since I last blogged.

I was in an intensive one month ashtanga yoga class that only recently ended. Class started at 6.30am, and ended for me at 7.30am (or sometimes later). I would then drive home, get myself and Kai ready for the day, and send Kai to school by 8.45am.

Then it's off to work, and the work day could really stretch. By the time I get home, settle Kai in bed, eat my dinner, I only have about one hour to myself or with Terence before I hit the sack at 10pm. If I don't, you can only the imagine the state I would be in the next day since I had to wake up at 5.45am!

So. There.

This explains why I haven't been updating the blog for a month. The next class starts in February 2009, and I'm looking forward to it. But this time, I will find time to blog!
# # #

I had been looking forward to my Christmas leave for so long now, but when it finally came round I feel... empty.

I feel... like a big wet towel that you have to wring dry by hand. Every day, work and life do their darnest to squeeze everything out of me. What's left is a damp, twisted towel which is still heavy and hard to unwrap. Sad, heavy, wet.

It doesn't feel like a holiday; work stays close to me like a shadow. I am pretty sure if I turn around, I'd see the shadow holding out a list of things I haven't finished.

What an awful way to start my blog after a month's hiatus!
# # #

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