Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lee Kui (Ah Hoi) Restaurant

The smooth, sweet O-Nee (Yam paste) with pumpkin and gingko nuts is a sinful treat that makes you toss your diet plans out of the window

Situated in the heart of Chinatown, this traditional Teochew restaurant looks like a blast from the past. Red lanterns hang from the ceiling together with trails of red paper garlands. Picture menus showcasing its house specialties are pasted on the walls. It is filled chock a block with diners every single day, and you can't get in without a reservation. No surprises.

It serves a killer O-Nee (Yam paste), oyster omelette generously adorned with plump, fresh oysters, steamed Teochew-styled fish, and many many more dishes the Teochews are renowed for. The owner speaks perfectly good Cantonese and recommends dishes to his Japanese clients in fluent Japanese. He's nice, he's patient, and his staff are never frazzled by the crowd of diners who keep streaming in.

Shui Jing Pao are savory and sweet dumplings made with paper thin, chewy skins; usually eaten as desserts

Some people who have reviewed this restaurant says Never, Never to bring kids. But we've always requested for tables in the corners, and they've always given us that. So we plonk Kai in the corner seat, which keeps him out of trouble from waiting staff. We never had problems and their child seats are clean, which is something I can't always say for a lot of restaurants (with such a crowd) even in Singapore.

Fish maw soup

Braised duck and stir fried vegetables

8/9/10 Mosque Street
Tel: 6222 3654
(Reservations a must)

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