Sunday, November 02, 2008

At Casa Verde for breakfast

Kai with his S$5.50 (!) orange juice

If you can wake up early enough to beat the heat and humidity of a Singapore morning, head down to Casa Verde at the Singapore Botanical Gardens for breakfast. Casa Verde is a collaboration between the Les Amis Group, and the couple behind the boutique restaurant Buko Nero.

Food is pretty decent, but it may take you a while to get a seat when the crowd starts streaming in. Their "gourmet coffee", however, was a little diluted and didn't give enough kick. We ordered the cinnamon french toast^ and the mee siam; both were not too bad.

I'm definitely walking on the 'dark side' mama

It's definitely a great place for kids too. Bring a ball or a push bike. We kicked our ball around on a grass patch for a while before it became too hot to do anything. Then it was off to a nearby pond where a kind uncle gave Kai some bread to feed the fish and turtles.

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