Wednesday, October 22, 2008

If wishes will come true

After Peter Cincotti's highly energetic concert yesterday night (as part of the Singapore Sun Festival), I went home dreaming about how my son will grow up to be cool, good looking, jazz singer and pianist.

Like Peter C., he'd learn how to play the piano at age 3, then he'll live in a hip place like New York, I'll go on world tours with him, and watch him become a babe magnet.

Horror of horrors. I've become my parents!
# # #

After coming out of the daze, knowing full well I won't make Kai learn anything he doesn't wish to, Terence brought me back down to reality further by suggesting Nasi Lemak for dinner in Tanjong Katong.

It's called the Pungol Nasi Lemak, and you can find it along the Tanjong Katong stretch. There's always a long queue, and Terence swears that the food is always fresh. Think of it as the Fong Sing of the east.

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