Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cards for our mothers

Dinner plans for tonight is to celebrate belated-mother's day and father's day with Terence's family. So using the Origami bugs kit I 'received' from Jorina last year for my birthday, I sat down with Kai to make a mother's day card for my MIL and my mum.

For the butterfly: I folded the paper, and helped him press the crease down.

For the card: I drew the flower and holding his hand, 'filled' in the colours. Then i gave him the pen to draw freely on the card to give it that 'abstract' look. He got a little upset with me when I stuck the butterfly on the cover. Heh!

For the inside: I held his hand, and helped him 'write' the greetings. Then I gave him another coloured pen to complete the abstract look.

Voila! Two personalised cards for our mums made by Kai on our behalf.

Note: Notice the smudge on the "grand-popo" card? He personalised it further with his saliva. I'll definitely let me mum know.

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