Saturday, May 17, 2008

Budget terminal

Probably the last post in Singapore before flying off to Haikou.

Silly me, forgot all about the liquids rule for hand carry luggage. Or at least, only remembered to pack the comfort items (i.e. hand moisturiser, lip balm, lip stick) in the plastic bag. But forgot that my beauty items (i.e. toner, cleanser, face moisturiser), which I usually check in have to fit into the plastic bag too.

So the customs guy threw away some stuff, then somebody say: "Would you like to check it in instead?" Then it was a flurry of activities, staff were helping to pick up the stuff that got thrown away, wipe the items dry (yes, they were dripping with some sort of a liquid), apologised for getting them wet, checked their watches to see if I could still check the bag in, apologised again, etc.

No one scolded me. No one rolled their eyes (I would have). Everyone was so nice. I feel so guilty!

I give the customs staff at the Budget Terminal a thumbs up for customer service.

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