Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Craving for local food

My bowl of 328 Katong Laksa with otak

During my ignorant days as a youth, I would laugh at my parents (or Singaporeans who join tour group) who'd:
1. Ask for Chinese food when travelling overseas
2. Be forced to eat at Chinese restaurants all the time when travelling overseas

Maybe because I'm older (and wiser) now, I actually craved for Chinese food half-way through our Australia trip in October. I was sick of having:
1. Scrambled eggs, bacon, ham and tomatoes
2. Scrambled eggs, bacon, ham and tomatoes
3. Scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, tomatoes and hash brown...

...for breakfast. Where is my chee cheong fun, laksa, wanton noodles, curry puff, prata etc.

So during our last few days in Perth, I called Terence while out shopping along William Street in Northbridge--Perth's Chinatown area, and asked if he wanted roast meat noodles/rice for lunch.


I had laksa for lunch the first day back in the office at the 328 Katong Laksa outlet at United Square. Doesn't matter if it's not as good IMHO as the original, original Katong Laksa (reported to be the Marine Parade Katong Laksa), it was damn satisfying.

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