Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cafe Deco and service in HK

My succulent grilled lamb from Cafe Deco Bar & Grill

It took us almost an hour to get up to The Peak on a wet Sunday afternoon (Ferry ride to Hong Kong Island, walk from ferry terminal to Peak Tram station, queue up to buy tickets, queue for the tram.) My back was aching by the time we got to the Cafe Deco Bar & Grill. It came highly recommended, but I suspect it was more for the view than the food.

The service was FANTASTIC though.

A trainee waiter spilled apple cidar on Terence, and there was a flurry of activity after that. It all zoomed past like a video on fast forward mode. Waiters apologised profusely ("He's new, please forgive him!"), someone cleaned up the table, removed the bottle, handed Terence wet towels, and ushered him off to the toilet. It all happened in a blink of an eye. One minute Terence was there, the next second gone. I was left nursing my latte with the view in front of me.

Manager came over to apologise personally after that. They waived the apple cidar and desserts for both of us were free! Terence was little embarrassed; he didn't even kick up a fuss. I said: "Well, you could be wearing a pair of pants from LV or something and they didn't want you to sue."

"Well, I'm not wearing LV pants!" he said. (He doesn't own one. The reason why I said LV was because a female tourist from China behind us was wearing a lilac-coloured LV pants. The famous LV monograms were all over. A nouveau rich with lousy taste or is it fake?)

We ordered the fish and lamb by the visiting chef who's supposedly worked with Jamie Oliver before. It was nice, but I wish my lamb was little more pink. The molten chocolate cake was overdone though I won't complain. It was free!

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