Saturday, July 21, 2007

We've moved, but everything's a mess

Thu (19 Jul): Movers came and packed everything. We just directed them, and left them to their devices in the morning. Felt strange. Who ever moves house without even needing to pack? Called SingTel; got a new phone number as we're moving from the West to the East so they couldn't let us retain our old number. Movers said they'd be at the new place at 9/9.30am tomorrow.

Fri (20 Jul): Arrived at Casafina bright and early while Terence made his way back to Guilin View to check that nothing has been left behind. Found the movers packing some remaining items. (!) They only arrived at Casafina at 1.30pm! Then all hell broke loose. They left at 4pm.

Terence tried to make me lift the washing machine.

Sat (21 Jul): Movers unpacked everything yesterday, except for all the junk we have in the storeroom back in Guilin View. They are all stacked high in the small storeroom out in the new hall. And when they mean unpack, they just put them in places where they think should be placed. So meaning:
1. They don't care where it goes, just as long as it goes somewhere.
2. Things are not placed where you want them to be.

It's 11.45pm and only the living room, Kai's room, and master bedroom toilet are decent. (Except that we have problems keeping the living room neat because we keep hurling junk, empty boxes, and things that don't belong into the room.)

Status as of now (11.51pm):
1. Study/Store room is half decent: This room will also contain some of the junk from the old storeroom until we figure where to store them neatly.
2. The clothes in the master bedroom cupboard looks like a tornado has swept through it. The movers just threw them in.
3. The kitchen: I stand at the entrance, and I can only feel despair.
4. The laundry/maids room: I stand at the entrance, and I can feel my feet curling up just looking at the floor.
5. The store room out in the hallway: Don't dare to look.

Harry P., I'd have to postpone our date.


Joy said...

Cheh. When the movers come they label everything nicely: kitchen, bedroom, etc; but I always tell them to leave them in one place at the destination, and I'll do the unpacking myself. Except for the furniture, of course.

Anonymous said...

I dunno if there'll be better. At least the things are outta the box already... Oh well, I hope I don't have to move anytime soon!



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